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Bizarre Faceless and Nude ‘Wig Coat’ Burlesque – Make Up Your Mind by Martin Margelia (NSFW)

I found the bizarre live art video above (Warning:  Contains nudity), Make Up Your Mind by Martin Margelia while browsing the website Cynatrendland.  At first, a lone faceless woman performs a nude burlesque routine with a blond wig coat; later, another woman joins her — except that she only has on a nylon over her face.

Margelia created the video in honor of the 40th anniversary of Sonia Rykiels ‘Wig Coat’ (see below).   Project video Concept and Cinematography credits go to  Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben; Editing by Ruth Hogben; Dancers Lorena Randi and Delphine Gaborit; Fashion by Maison Martin Margiela; Styling by Jonathan Kay; Fashion direction and text by Alexander Fury; Hair by Eamonn Hughes at Premier; Make Up by Karina Woodruff at Streeters; Soundtrack to “Make Up Your Mind” by Delta Maid and Ed Harcourt, 2008 Copyright Control; Photographic assistance by Tristan Thompson and Jo Colley; Production by Charlotte Knight and Andrea Gelardin; Location at Park Royal Studios.



The Garden of Eden Balloon Style

Balloon art, like story-telling, is a favorite past-time for many people; photographer Paul Graves combined both with his balloon art ‘Garden of Eden’.

The ‘Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil’, the forbidden fruit, the serpent, and a few animals made from balloons must have taken Graves a while to make!  Adam and Eve are portrayed by real people in anatomically correct rubber suits.  Oh, I almost forgot, Graves even included a balloon Jesus hanging from a balloon cross.

My article on Trend Hunter Magazine about this very subject can be viewed from here.

Disturbing Encouragement Print Ads – Marie Claire Reproductive Health Bill Campaign

The BBDO advertising agency created these disturbing, yet much needed print ads for the Marie Claire Magazine’s Reproductive Health Bill Campaign in the Phillipines.  The ads are meant to encourage women to speak out for women’s rights regarding the fact there are no family planning centers, nor is contraception available, in one of Asia’s most populated areas.


Brand: Marie Claire Magazine
Agency: BBDO Guerrero, Manila
Retoucher: Manny Vailoces
Photographer: Paolo Gripo
Chief Creative Officer: David Guerrero
Executive Creative Director: Joel Limchoc
Executive Creative Director: Simon Welsh
Art Director: Dale Lopez
Copywriter: Tim Villela
Producer: Al Salvador
Country: Philippines
Accounts: Karen Go

Modern Day Surrealism

Las Vegas


Surrealistic images, whether used in art, advertising or designs are fascinating to look at and that is why they continue to draw us in.  Throughout 2008, many  Surreal advertisements and art graced the pages of the internet (see 30 Surrealist Innovations from 2008 in an article I wrote at Trend Hunter Magazine yesterday) and this trend will continue throughout 2009.  Case in point, the two ads featured above from Lado B Sound Producer:  Las Vegas and  AE Investimentos:  Strange, were created in January 2009.