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Bizarre Faceless and Nude ‘Wig Coat’ Burlesque – Make Up Your Mind by Martin Margelia (NSFW)

I found the bizarre live art video above (Warning:  Contains nudity), Make Up Your Mind by Martin Margelia while browsing the website Cynatrendland.  At first, a lone faceless woman performs a nude burlesque routine with a blond wig coat; later, another woman joins her — except that she only has on a nylon over her face.

Margelia created the video in honor of the 40th anniversary of Sonia Rykiels ‘Wig Coat’ (see below).   Project video Concept and Cinematography credits go to  Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben; Editing by Ruth Hogben; Dancers Lorena Randi and Delphine Gaborit; Fashion by Maison Martin Margiela; Styling by Jonathan Kay; Fashion direction and text by Alexander Fury; Hair by Eamonn Hughes at Premier; Make Up by Karina Woodruff at Streeters; Soundtrack to “Make Up Your Mind” by Delta Maid and Ed Harcourt, 2008 Copyright Control; Photographic assistance by Tristan Thompson and Jo Colley; Production by Charlotte Knight and Andrea Gelardin; Location at Park Royal Studios.



Hot Internet Teachers – A Teen Boy’s Dream

Marina Orlova -- The Internet's Hottest Teacher

This is ‘old news’ but since I’m trying to kick-off this blog, I decided to write about the subject to get things started.

Marina Orlova, as every one knows, is YouTube’s most popular user. I wasn’t aware of her until my 14 year old son, who used to loathe vocabulary lessons, stumbled upon her a few weeks ago.

At first, I was a bit hesitant of Orlova’s credentials and my son taking such an interest in her lessons. However, she holds philology degrees in both Russian and English, not to mention that she makes learning word origins fun and interesting, so my husband and I allow him to go to her site.   Check out her lesson below from YouTube: